Linking up the phone lines over two building floors

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We are moving to a new building and are taking up two floors. We would like to set up a link from the phone extension of the first floor to our IP 500 server.

Can we set up these links? We have an Avaya IP 500 system with no licensing VOIP unlike our Apex.

My question is, will these uplinks be enough to transfer a call below the extension? Or do we still need a hardware or software to be installed for the same?

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Linking up the phone lines over two building floors


Hello Jennie,

All I can suggest that you try setting up the link from the first floor to the IP 500 server, but since your IP 500 system is operating on no license then I am not sure if that service will be able to be successful. You may want to get a licensed Avaya IP 500 in case the unlicensed one does not work to be able to setup the link to another location as you want.

You might also need a software and hardware to support the extension and setting up the links, and therefore you will have to install it, but first of all try the process as mentioned above.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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