I know something, but find out more about LTE

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Can LTE support for 4G services? Which network is replaced by LTE? What is the Avg downloaded and uploaded speed? Can I get an equal speed of LTE in all areas? How LTE affects battery life? Why LTE is easily deployable? how LTE works as a radio technology? How many air interfaces LTE has? Thank You

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I know something, but find out more about LTE


1) Yes, LTE supports for 4G services
2) 4G Network is replaced by LTE
3) Average download speed is 32.94 to 40.5 MBPS & average upload speed is 14.63 to 19.36 MBPS
4) No, all area can't have equal speed, but it can be nearly equal
5) It drains battery faster
6) The system is transportable & 
operational as a stand-alone unit, so it's easily deployable
7) Its networking configuration is quite similar to the networking of radio technology
8) Watch this slideshow to learn about LTE air interfaces

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