Understanding the foundations of cable television

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I want to know what are the different cable equipment are used globally? What are the cables commonly used and please provide me quick information for each? What do you mean by SPDIF? What is the difference between RCA and Component Cables? What do you mean by SDTV? What is the most commonly used connector for cable television? Can you distinguish the standard cable definitions and high definition cables that are used nowadays?

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Understanding the foundations of cable television


Hello Marie!

The video equipment used nowadays aside from your tv sets are set-top-boxes. We have the HDTV converters, Recordable boxes or commonly known as DVR, RNG, cable card and regular digital converter. The commonly used connectors are Coaxial, second is RCA and now we use HDMI connectors.

Common Video Cables Used

1.    Coaxial Cable – standard cable for TV.

2.    Composite Video Connector – 3 cables carry picture and a single lower quality signal, RCA plugs are included to carry analog signals.

3.    S-Video – carries standard definition signal.

4.    Component Video Cables– 3-separate higher quality signals.

5.    DVI Video – maximize the video quality.

6.    HDMI – high definition connector.

7.    Optical Digital – transmits digital signals as pulses of light.

SPDIF- stands for Sony-Philips-Digital-Interconnect Format

RCA – Radio Corporation America. Uses the Red, Yellow and White connectors.

SDTV – stands for Standard Definition TV


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