Learn To Join Two Columns In Excel Instantly.

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I am a beginner in MS Excel. I know the basic formulas used in Excel, but to join two columns in excel, I totally am worthless.

By mistake, I have used two columns for an address while I had to use only one in one of the Excel sheets.

Is there any way to combine those columns now?

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Learn To Join Two Columns In Excel Instantly.


You have to follow these steps to do that:

  1. First of all, click on the cell where you wish to put the combined text.
  2. In that cell, type =(
  3. Next, click the cell which contains the first text that you want to add, i.e. the address column 1 in this case.
  4. After that, type &” “&(along with a space enclosed within quotation marks).
  5. Next, Click the cell which contains the text that you wish to combine, i.e. address line 2.
  6. Finally, type )and press ENTER.
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