How to hidden a confidential data

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When I created a worksheet which consists of confidential data,

I want that these values.although present in the worksheet, it should be hidden and as a result the cells containing this data should appear blank in the worksheet.

How can I do this?

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How to hidden a confidential data


 It is not possible that unprotected worksheets hide confidential data by adding some other data. Nothing reveals that there is displaying some hidden formulas in bars. So blank cells in formula search for these hidden data so link in these cell do nothing. There is also a button which can hide the sheet and also unhide it.  

Find the hidden data in a work sheet by process like these points.

Toggle the worksheet hidden status, open it when clicked, insert rows in worksheet, prevent the referencing hidden worksheet, copy it and rename it, changes tracking of it, Access it, auto select it, record working, hidden check the formulas by macro, working it with displayed message box, macro to delete it, run macro from this sheet, copy it in an existing workbook, make arrow keys on, all workbook must be copying, so please visit it and you will get out of this problem.

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How to hidden a confidential data


In Microsoft Excel the data can be hidden by using many ways.

Method 1

First select the entire columns which include all the data that you want to hide.

Then right click on the selected area and click on the “hide”.

See the below image.


Now the data will be hidden as follows.



However, if you want the cells that contain data should not be hidden but that cells should appear as blank, you can follow the below method.

Method 2

Select the cells which contain the confidential data.

Now click on the font color option in the Font section in the Home tab.

Select the white color and click on that.



Now the data will not be appeared in the particular columns as follows.



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