Can we make a dropdown list in Excel?

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Is it possible to create a drop down list like in Ms.

Access in Excel?

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Can we make a dropdown list in Excel?

Kate hope the following steps will guide you in fixing this issue.
  • Yes we can create the drop down in an excel sheet never think that we can't use in excel suppose consider a grocery store in which each item is noted for each and every purchase about the name and type of product.
  • Drop down list in Excel works as if that it takes values from one place on excel sheet and uses them as a drop down list.
MS EXcel
  • Consider the above figure In cells from A1 to A7 you enter the type of product that will be used as in your drop down list.
 Drop down list in Excel
  • Drop down list creation is so easy and simple by selecting the cells from E2 to E9.
Validation Criteria
  • Now Click on the Data menu and select Data Validation then select List from the given Allow drop down menu.
Data Validation
  • Now click on the Source button that appears on the textfield.
appears on the textfield
  • Select our source cells from A1 to A7.
Create drop down list
  • Now Click Enter and then Ok.
  • This is the way of creating the drop down lists.
Thank you.


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Can we make a dropdown list in Excel?


Hi Kate Harry,

It is possible to create drop down in Ms excel.

You follow the following steps.

Go to data use validation command.

Write the data that you want to validate in a single column or row without separating.

Note you may sort the data the way you want them to appear in the drop down menu.

If you want to use different worksheet or workbook do the following:

Use different worksheet in the same workbook.

Type list of worksheets and define the name of the work sheet.

Use different workbook.

Type the list in that worksheet.

Define name with external with an external reference to the list.

Select the cell where you want drop down list.

On the data menu select validation and then click on settings tab.

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