Learn How To Ping A Web Address Using Some Simple Steps

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Hi. I want to ping a website using the command prompt. What are the steps to do so and what is the use of it? How to ping a web address? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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Learn How To Ping A Web Address Using Some Simple Steps


Hi. We generally ping the websites to check the response time of that particular website on the Internet. It is also used to check the connection of our computer to the site and measure the time taken for the packet to travel back and forth. To learn how to ping a web address using the command prompt, first click on Windows and then click on run.

Type cmd in the run box and then click on enter. Type the address of the website which is to be pinged and then click on enter. The average round-trip time can be calculated as well by typing Average= in the box. Next, type exit and then click on enter to close the command prompt.

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Learn How To Ping A Web Address Using Some Simple Steps


The ping command is a tool available in Microsoft Windows that will help you verify your connection with another remote computer or host like a website. It uses the Internet Control Message Protocol or ICMP echo request packets and echo reply packets to find out whether a connection is working or not and is very effective in analyzing router failures and IP network.

The ping command is used together with an IP address but you can also use the URL of a website or the web address as replacement for the IP address. If you use the website’s URL to ping, you will get the site’s IP address. If you simply want to ping the website to get its IP address, the format is: ping [URL].

You can do this in the command prompt. Click “Start,” “All Programs,” “Accessories,” and then “Command Prompt.” In the command prompt window, type without quotes “ping [URL]” then hit Enter. Replace “[URL]” with the site’s address like for example without quotes, “techyv.com”. You will then see the site’s IP address as it gets pinged.

To learn the complete syntax of the ping command, type without quotes “ping/?” then hit Enter. This will display the complete list of switches that you can apply.

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