Learn How To Build Your Own Cloud

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Hi. I am currently working in an IT firm and I am very much interested in learning how to build your own cloud. Can you please help me with the same? Thanks in advance. Please reply ASAP.

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Learn How To Build Your Own Cloud


Hi. The main aim of creating your own cloud is to give you the access to all your files and folders which are stored on the cloud from anywhere anytime as long as you have an Internet connection.

To learn how to build your own cloud, follow the below-given steps:

1) Find out the pre-requisites of hosting the cloud selecting the files which are to be uploaded, the software which will be used to run the cloud which is Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS and a monitor which is needed for the server’s initial configuration.

2) Next, Ubuntu software needs to be installed on the PC by inserting the CD drive and clicking on the install Ubuntu server option to begin the installation and then click on OK

3) After Ubuntu gets installed, the server will be rebooted. Click on enter to continue with the process

4) Next, configure the Apache server. After the server is rebooted, Ubuntu will ask for a username and password which need to be entered. Once the log-in is successful, enter the command required to configure the Apache server.

5) Then, find out the router’s default gateway and the server’s local IP address to configure the router. The default gateway can be found out by typing the command route and the IP address can be found out by typing ifconfig in the command prompt.

6) Then secure the server by entering a password for its authentication

7) Next, you can create a free domain name to map your IP address (public) to the domain name optionally.

8) Next, the media which is to be moved to the cloud should be transferred.

9) After the cloud has been built and is running properly, projects, scripts and software such as VPN can be installed and configured on it.

Hope we helped.

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