Does Hybrid Cloud related to Cloud computing

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Hi All,

Hybrid cloud, what's this  related to Cloud Computing?

I am confused with the general cloud and this hybrid cloud.

If any light  thrown would be great.

Thanks all.

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Does Hybrid Cloud related to Cloud computing


The greatest benefit of cloud is its ability to connect otherwise incompatible infrastructures, not just one or two applications at a time, and its ability to let customers dial up more compute power when they need it.

Public cloud (pay-for-play) services such as Amazon’s EC2 and Microsoft’s (MSFT) Azure were the proof-of-concept for cloud technology. Rather than shift the majority of their own IT to professionally maintained shared-resource services such as those, however, most companies today are using cloud to build on their internal virtual infrastructures

you usually call public cloud as general cloud.although there are three categories of cloud computing

1. Internal Clouds –  This is the most common form of cloud computing (and convenient for virtual-server vendor VMware, (VMW)) internal, private clouds allow a company to weave layers of virtualization and management software around existing infrastructure to tie servers, storage, networks, data and applications. The goal: Once they’re interconnected and virtualized, IT can shift storage, compute power or other resources invisibly from one place to another to give all the end-user divisions all the resources they need at any time, but no more than that.

2. External Cloud Hosting – External cloud any IT service maintained by an external service provider and accessed through the Internet is the best source for both cost-effective IT extensibility and of insecurity, mistrust, confusion and the potential for disaster. Among the best known U.S. providers of external cloud services are Rackspace, drawback is holding the security and performance.

3. Hybrid or Modular Approach – It is the near future of IT.Hybrid cloud computing can include a mix on internal clouds, external cloud services and traditional SaaS options. The mix of pieces that hybrid should include for a specific business will end up being as unique as the IT organizations that provide it.Smaller-scale workspace on demand services can fit the bill here. Originally conceived for applications such as on-demand test and development environments (where the need for 100 virtual workstations on which to test a software distribution script wouldn’t be unusual) workspace on demand companies such as CloudShare, Sooner or Microsoft Azure offer mini versions of the macro cloud.

4. Traditional SaaS-If you are looking for an even smaller slice of additional functionality or capacity, plain-jane SaaS may be the way to go. The quickest way to get into “cloud computing” is to sign up for free email at Yahoo (YHOO) or Google (GOOG), or for productivity apps from Zoho, 37Signals or a host of other services aimed at businesses or individuals.

hope this information will help you to know cloud computing, its types and specially the hybrid one.

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Does Hybrid Cloud related to Cloud computing


Hi abhinav ,

Firstly u must know what cloud is not a cloud is not a just a virtualized infrastructure or a network where every thing can be made virtual.

A cloud in general is tend to be virtualized environment that has been developed to provide self-service.

The terms which can define cloud are :

1. No endless meeting between IT and different departments

2. No wait time.

3, You go for it , you get it 

This is exactly what a cloud in general is and hybrid cloud is a type of cloud where some parts of the virtual environment are hosted by company and the rest are hosted by the third party provider.The important factor of hybrid cloud is it will be the most cost-efficient approach to IT Organization.



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