Conversion Of Hexadecimal Number 0x07 To Binary

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I am confused about how to convert hexadecimal numbers to binary. On the internet, it says to remember the binary of all hexadecimal digits, but it is not possible for me as a beginner. Can anyone explain how to convert, for example, 0x07 to a binary number?

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Conversion Of Hexadecimal Number 0x07 To Binary


You will not need to remember the table after reading this. Convert your hexadecimal number to decimal and then convert that decimal number to binary. Taking your example of 0x07-

Converting to decimal –

7 * 16^0 = 7
0 * 16^1 = 0

So the decimal equivalent of 0x07 is 7 (7+0).
Converting to binary –

2 | 7
2 | 3 rem: 1
2 | 1 rem: 1
2 | 0 rem: 1

So the binary equivalent of 0x07 is 0111 (Starting from the last remainder towards the first one).

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