League of Legends Launcher connection error to HTTP Servers

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Hello there, everyone!

While I was playing, my malware popped up saying there’s a malicious software in the LoL files so  I removed them.  But now when I try to open the LoL launcher, it creates a RADS Error that says: “Cannot Connect to the HTTP Servers”.

It also says that I have to check my internet connection and/or firewall. I don’t think these cause the problem in any way because the settings look okay.

I tried to reinstall the program countless times and I even followed the suggestions I read from the help forums but I had no satisfactory results.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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League of Legends Launcher connection error to HTTP Servers


I found the solution for your problem. Please update your antivirus software and delete all quarantine files. After that please have a full uninstall of the game League of legends and then install the game again. If this won't do you may use a registry cleaner and fixer It there might be a registry problem that is cause by the antivirus.

If your malware popped up again please exclude the file that the program is saying, some antivirus thinks that files connected to the internet is malicious.

And please check your antivirus if it blocked the program from connecting to the internet and check also your firewall.


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League of Legends Launcher connection error to HTTP Servers


Hello Henry,

It sounds the antivirus or the firewall on your system mistook a legitimate League of Legends file for being malware and you went ahead to give the antivirus the permission to remove the file. To resolve that issue, you will need to do the following:

  • You will need to try starting League of Legends in Administrator Mode.
  • After that you will need to go into the Patcher Settings – Cog icon next to the Minimize icon,
  • And then you will start the Repair function.
  • Let it run and see if it will resolve the issue.

If that does not help, you might need to reinstall the application.



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League of Legends Launcher connection error to HTTP Servers


I think too, your antivirus mistakenly identified your game client as a virus. This is normal actually for an antivirus to accidentally detect a program as a malware. This happens because of the activity detected in the file while it is processing. It seems that after you allowed your antivirus to remove that suspected malware in your computer, it is now preventing your game client from gaining any outside connection because of the error you are getting in your internet connection. But there is still a way of getting around this problem by excluding your game client from the files being monitored by your antivirus.

But first since your program no longer works, uninstall it again from your computer. If you are still using the game client before and haven’t checked for any new version, it would be best to visit the game’s official website and then download any new release of the game client including any patches if there are any. After that before installing the new client, disable your antivirus first so it won’t be scanned by the antivirus. After the installation, open your antivirus and then go to its settings. Find a tab in there where you can add the game client in the excluded files the antivirus monitors.

After successfully excluding the game client among the files being monitored by the antivirus, you may now enable again the antivirus. If you still receive an error that you are still unable to connect to the servers, add your game client in your Windows Firewall. Click Start then Control Panel. Go to “Network and Internet Connections” and then Windows Firewall. Select Exceptions tab and then click Add Program. Browse to the folder where your League of Legends is installed and then select the “.exe” file of the game launcher. Click OK all through out and then close all the windows. Try starting your game client again and see if you can now connect.

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