SOS Test Client – HTTP Status 404

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Just I have set up windows xp as well as I have used the lesson to set up a SOS. 

After deploying this web application in the tomcat manager, I can start welcome page.

When I select SOS 1 oder 2. I find the page of SOS TestClient.

But in the end it is nothing to choose. 
If I select the connection to HTTP-GET for GetCapabilities

( http://localhost:8080/52nSOSv3.5.0/sos?service=SOS&REQUEST=GetCapabilities&AcceptVersions=1.0.0 ) I find anerror: HTTP Status 404 – Servlet SOS is not available.

What is the reason of this error?

I need to solve it. Please help me.

Also I have a question.

The "build the web application" step took may be 35min to finish (with a very high-quality internet).

Is this regular?

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SOS Test Client – HTTP Status 404


Hello Nicko,

The error you are getting could be as a result of the following three things:

  • It could be as a result of wrong Entry in the url pattern tags in the web.xml, check and make sure that it is something like the following: url-pattern/servlet-name/servlet-class.
  • The error could also be as a result of missing class files.
  • You might be using a wrong url in the browser.

The best way to confirm the above cases will be by checking the tomcat logs. What the tomcat logs will do is clearly give an indication concerning the mistake you might be making.

With the mistake identified you can easily resolve the issue.



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