The Latest Laptop Apple Created

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I would just like to ask the current trends today at the Apple Store.

I really love to buy Apple products but I'm not that updated on their current store.

What is the latest Laptop today that Apple Created?

I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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The Latest Laptop Apple Created


Hi Yannie,

Indeed, you are an Apple fan! Well, I can’t blame you for being an Apple lover since Apple has kept its high standard for a long time now. It has continually brought us high-edge technology and innovation. Anyway, let’s get back on what has apple brought on the market now.

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are emerging in the market. Although MacBook Air is considered to be a notebook, it still a laptop though just physically smaller and thinner, and weighs lighter, but you will see the difference in how they perform. I will just give you the link of what’s in the apple store. Here are the links:

Hope you can decide.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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The Latest Laptop Apple Created


The latest Apple laptop available right now would be the Mac Book Pro (New Mac book Pros are set to be going into mass production this April). I was just checking out the Apple Store as I was looking for a new laptop myself and this is what I found out about the new Mac Book Pro:

  • Thunderbolt Port – You can move data to and from your Mac Book up to 20 times faster than a USB 2.0
  • Face-time HD Camera – You can chat with friends and family with a Face-Time camera that gives you 3x resolution
  • Eco-Friendly- Like all Mac book Pros, the new ones are composed of aluminum and glass which makes it friendly on the environment. It also comes with an Energy Star 5.0 qualified power brick
  • The 13-inch Mac book Pro comes with a 2.3 GHz Intel Corei5 Processor which performs twice faster than the previous models
  • Updated Graphics – All of the new Mac Book Pros come with the latest Intel Graphics 3000 processor
  • And the price –Well, the 13-inch Mac Book comes at a price of $1,199 dollars, while the 15” and 17” inch costs about $1,799 and $2,499 respectively
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The Latest Laptop Apple Created


I really appreciate your help. Thank you for this site techyv and to both of experts! Worth a million dollars to this solution.

Now I know what's best to buy and what quality to buy because I have already been updated, thank you so much for all of this.

Solutions! Take care you all.

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