MacBook charger sparks when I rub it with the MacBook body?

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I as of late figured out that when I attempt to join the MacBook air charger to the MacBook, it starts particularly when the charger sort of rubs with the MacBook body. Presently you may inquire as to why I rub it with the MacBook body, well thing is I needed to charge my macintosh and I was hunting down the charger gap utilizing the charger, so it started when it rubbed the body. Is it an imperfection? It starts regardless of the possibility that my power is exchanged off. I just as of late purchased it. It's my first time utilizing a MacBook, so I am frightened.

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MacBook charger sparks when I rub it with the MacBook body?


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Actually, this is a not at all an issue if this is occurring rarely. Yet, in your case, it is advisable to take an immediate action.

This most probably occurs if the charger has low impedance, prongs in the plug or if  the outlet contacts are dirty, corroded, worn or loose. So, you can try replacing the cord as it is not that costly.

At the same time, this can even occur due to an issue in the outlets & plugs. Hence, it is advisable to seek technical support as well.

But, please do not worry since this is a simple & common type of issue.

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