Laptop turns off abruptly but sometimes it works

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I have a Dell inspiron laptop that keeps on shutting off by itself, though it does turn on sometimes and works for hours .But sometimes it shuts off  the very first time, I switch it. It looks like someone is unplugging, when  shuts down because its sudden. I don’t know what could have caused this?

Although my fan is busted , I keep it cool by an external power source fan. It’s not an overheating problem since I checked the laptop bottom and it is cool when it does that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Laptop turns off abruptly but sometimes it works


Good Day!

How old is your laptop and what is the hardware specs of your laptop?
There are several reasons why your laptop shuts down on its own, i am thinking of some causes and they are,

1. The power plan settings of your laptop, check your power plan by simply going to Control Panel, find and Click Power Options, Then change the power setting duration of your choice, If you are using battery change the power options for battery.

2. You Might Installed a program or updated a program not compatible with the system, roll back your system to your last save point, if there is a problem doing this, enter safe mode and make this procedure.

3. Viruses, Worms and Trojans is causing this problem, example is the Blaster Virus. This Causes your system to shutdown. I suggest you update your antivirus or if you don't have an antivirus I strongly recommend you to install one. Examples are (NOD32,Kaspersky, Panda, Etc..).

4. Hardware Problem – as you said the fan of your laptop is already busted, the external powered fan is not enough to cool down your laptop,  First Try to clean the vent and fans of the laptop, blow it off with canned air, clean interior, heat sinks, check secondary fans, avoid placing laptops on soft surface (bed, sofa, blanket, pillows).

If you are using your laptop in a warm place try moving to a cooler place. If problem still persist the system is still overheating, overheating causes laptops to shut down.

5. Replace the busted fan, go to a reliable PC technician, and let him replace the busted fan. Laptop is very prone to overheating, so I strongly suggest you to replace the fan.

I hope I can be help to you.

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Laptop turns off abruptly but sometimes it works


Hi Hamojee,

This problem is quite an overheating issue. An automatic shutdown is a safety feature designed to a system in order to prevent further damages to the hardware. You cant really tell your PC is cool by just feeling it. You said that after long periods of time ,you can use your laptop and I think it's because it cool down for a bit again.

You can try downloading this to see how Hot it is Link. I bet it's time to replace that busted fan now by dropping to the nearest computer repair shop.

Note: if you continue to using your computer and shuts down like this, many problems will occur even like corruption of the system files. Its a good idea to get it repaired ASAP.

I hope this helps.

Thank You.

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