Dell Latitude E4310 : Cursor Jump While Typing

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I would like to ask a question that's been bothering me for a while. I just got a new Dell Latitude E4310 with Windows 7 Professional and Office 2007 installed on it. The problem occurred while I was typing in Microsoft Word the cursor suddenly move to other parts of Microsoft Word.
I thought it's because of the bugs inside Microsoft Word, so I tried using Notepad and WordPad to type a letter to test if it's Windows Problem or Office 2007 problem. But the problem still exists although I tried using those applications. At first I thought maybe I should install a specific driver for Dell Latitude E4310 but after downloading and installing the driver for Touchpad ( No Keyboard driver exists for the laptop ) the problem still occurred. In fact after I installed the driver for Touchpad every time I use it, it always running slow and sometimes very hard to use because the pointer always go to places I don't want it to go.
I have no idea what else to try. I was so excited when I got the laptop at first now I'm so frustrated with it and thinking of replacing with other laptop.
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Dell Latitude E4310 : Cursor Jump While Typing


Hi! Stephanie,

You may fix this concern by disabling tap.

  • First, double click on Touchpad icon in your system tray. click on "Pointer Options"
  • Click on "Advanced" tab in left upper corner then choose Advanced Feature setting
  • Select SETTINGS in the Pointer seed and tapping setting box, removed the check mark on ENABLE TAP box.
  • Click on APPLY and you should be god!
  • If disabling tap does not work for you, try the following:
  • Disable the Enhanced Pointer Precision Feature
  • To do so, Click Start > Click Run >Type control mouse > Click OK. 
  • Click the Pointer Options tab > Click to remove the enhance pointer precision check box > Click APPLY and OK.
  • If everything above fails,do the following. Take note that you are not the only one experiencing the problem. Download the fix.

Good Luck!

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Dell Latitude E4310 : Cursor Jump While Typing


It seems that there is some hardware problem in your laptop. When there is any short circuit inside the keyboard these kinds of problems can occur. Deactivate your Touchpad and check the problem by using a Optical Mouse, and also check it by using a external keyboard. If the both solution didn’t work, replace your laptop before the situation gets worst.

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Dell Latitude E4310 : Cursor Jump While Typing


This problem also happens to me whenever I reinstall the operating system of my sister’s laptop, an Acer Aspire 5738-663G32Mn running on Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 2.2 GHz processor. The laptop originally ships with its setup CD that contains different installers for various devices installed on the laptop. If your laptop also comes with this kind of CD, I’m sure you already noticed that there are different versions of programs for only one device.

When I first saw the contents of the disc, I got confused as to which of these programs should I use for the webcam, for example. My only solution, since there is no way of knowing which is the correct program for the laptop, what I do is to install each application one at a time like trial-and-error.

Just to know which one works. Like for example, for the webcam it has 4 different programs in there. For the touchpad, it also has 3 different programs. If the first version doesn’t work then it’s probably for a different model. I uninstall it then install the next one until I find the correct version.

You don’t actually need to install additional drivers for the touchpad like this one because the touchpad driver that comes with Microsoft Windows is already enough for the device to work. To have a possible solution for the touchpad, you need to uninstall all the software for the touchpad using the Add or Remove Programs.

I think it’s because of the different versions that are making the system extremely slow. After removing all touchpad applications using the Add or Remove Programs, check if the system will still make those sudden cursor movements. Your last option if this didn’t fix the problem is to reinstall Microsoft Windows.

You need to have the Microsoft Windows setup CD to do this. If reinstalling Windows still doesn’t help, you should bring your laptop to the qualified brand repair center.

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