Laptop Shuts Down Automatically often

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When I start my computer the speed meters of my slidebar shows the memory is full about 70% and when I start my fire fox or any other browser then the computer memory gets full about 100% and it occurs an illegal shut down.

I am tired of this problem and I causes loose of all opened program and data before it shuts down.

Any one provide any solution Please?

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Laptop Shuts Down Automatically often


Hi Berth Almonte,

  What is causing an unexpected laptop shutdown is due to too much heat, or in your case, your cpu and your ram is working to much or should I say it is having a some sort of overload. From what you said, your memory is used to much that it raises to a level of 100% of memory usage; thereby, heating up your hardware, and eventually, causing it to an unexpected shutdown. Well, there is nothing much you can do about it, but you can try cleaning up your CPU heatsink. Maybe, it is covered with too much dust; thus, it easily burns up your hardware. Just clean it through compressed air. Besides that, if you hear an unusual noise or grinding noise, then it might be damage; I suggest you replace it. And you can also replace the CPU’s thermal grease with a new one. Try a vacuum on your laptop; it might remove the dust. Well, if it all seems hard, then bring it to the nearest service center.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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