Laptop restarting itself after 20-30 mins it was turned on

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I have experienced  using my laptop restarting itself  20-30 minutes after I turned it on. Should I be alarmed about the condition of my laptop? What will i do to get rid of this?

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Laptop restarting itself after 20-30 mins it was turned on


Yes, you should be alarmed about health of your laptop or you can’t use your laptop anymore if it goes on. Try some solutions and see if it works.

1. Try cleaning the Cooling fan of your laptop. It should be used on a flat non obstructing surface to prevent overheating.
2. Clean also the graphics card dust can cause overheating.
3. Also check your power source if it’s ok or it’s already faulty.
4. Scan your laptop for viruses and worms if it’s infected or not.

Viruses, malwares, spywares and worms also can cause this problem on PCs or laptops. If you’re positive with these try cleaning it immediately and see if it still persists.  Are you also experiencing blue screen? If yes uninstall the latest software you’ve installed or reformatting your laptop for clean fresh start and see if restarting problem is still there. 

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Laptop restarting itself after 20-30 mins it was turned on


That is actually pretty normal with laptops when it is getting old and used up. It is a sign that one or more of its built-in components or hardware is breaking down. That also happens on regular desktop computers because they, too, have built-in devices like the video card, sound card, and network card.


If one of those devices breaks down or starts to become faulty, the most common visible behavior is the frequent sudden restarting of the system. And it cannot be avoided. The only way to fix it is to disable the on-board device and replace it with a dedicated device.

But to be able to fix it, you need to find out which of the on-board devices is causing the problem. Since the problem is from a laptop, try checking if the problem is with the battery. Disconnect the charger then remove the battery from the battery compartment at the bottom of the laptop.

After removing the battery, plug the charger to the power outlet and connect it to your laptop. Turn on your laptop and see if it displays the same behavior of sudden restarting of the system. Your laptop should work without the battery and with only the charger connected. If the laptop no longer restarts, the problem is with the battery.

Simply buy a new one to replace the broken battery. But if the laptop still keeps on restarting, you should bring it to a qualified service technician for proper servicing so he can tell which component should be replaced. It can be the network card, the video card, or the sound card.

In regular desktop computers, if it’s the on-board video card that gets broken, you will end up buying a new motherboard because it is the very basic component of the system even used when you are booting the machine and there is no option to disable it unlike with other components like the network card and sound card which can be disabled from the BIOS so a dedicated device can be used in replacement for the built-in one.

I’m just not sure if it’s the same with the laptop because in my sister’s laptop there is no option to disable the built-in sound card and network card.

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