Laptop fails to boot properly

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laptop fails to boot properly, I made a thread under hardware problems, and I was directed to your site and told to follow the sites instructions, before they would continue further because of suspicion of a malware infection. Thank you for any help.

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Laptop fails to boot properly


Hi there,

As you have said that the hardware experts have directed towards the software experts then surely its our part to guide you through the proper way. You need to make sure the following things so that the actual problem may be diagnosed and therefore eliminated.

  • Go into the BIOS menu of your Laptop. (The button is different for different types of computers usually, it comes to bios setup by pressing one of the three keys F12, F2 or F10 in the pre boot screen). 
  • Make sure to detect the hard disk and it is set on master and not on slave.
  • Make sure to set the "Boot Sequence" or "Boot priority device"to boot from hard disk at primary priority. [depending on company of BIOS the terminologies might be change].
  • Make sure the hard disk has a boot media installed.
  • Make sure the system can either boot from cd-rom or not? If it can boot from cd-rom and not from hard disk then make sure the above steps. One of the above must be the reason.
  • Make sure that the system does not hang or stuck at any place or heat up for no reason. If this is the case then you must consult the hardware experts because all the mentioned causes could be the reason of software problem.

Hope this may help you.

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Laptop fails to boot properly



Could you please elaborate clearly the status of your problem? How is it behaving when it boots? Is it displaying a blue screen, black screen or it doesn't boot at all. Please give more background about your problem.

If the computer shows a blue screen when it attempting to boot, then it could be a problem with the VGA cables, may be they are loose so tighten them.

But if the computer boots, but cannot reach the desktop screen that has programs, you can try booting from the safe mode and there troubleshoot the problem. You can run the system restore feature from there to remove any programs you might have installed that are causing the problems.


Lee Hung

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