Laptop does not turn on even after charging it

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Previously I was using my laptop during lunch time to watch a simple video on internet, I turned off my laptop after that and the charge in my laptop was around 17%, instead of shutting down the computer.

After some hours, I tried to turn on but to my surprise it was not turning on. I tried to plug my adapter to charge it for a couple of minute but the light didn't even show up. Am unsure whether the adapter/ battery went wrong?

Anyone is facing similar kind of issues?

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Laptop does not turn on even after charging it


Hi Thomas,

In this case your computer may not be turning on because of one of two things. Either your battery is dead or the charger adapter is faulty. But you can verify by doing the following: Just remove the battery and connect your laptop straight to the power using the charger.

Now press the laptop power button to see if it turns on. If it doesn't turn on then the charger adapter is faulty, so you may want to consider changing it. But if it powers on then it is the battery that is dead, so you may consider replacing it.


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Laptop does not turn on even after charging it


The battery might have no extra energy left, or it's completely empty. Usually, if battery is fully empty, it'll take at least couple of minutes to start charging.

Take a few minutes and see if it'll start charging. If still won't do any changes, it'll probably a damaged battery driver of the battery itself.

This is a common issue with laptop battery, that sometimes it won't work for any reasons. Try plug the power cord in to check if the laptop is still working using wired connection.

By doing this steps, you'll worry will disappear because there is a big chance that the laptop computer might encounter internal hardware problem while it was left on. '

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