How to copy mbr to file and transfer to another HDD?

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I'm trying to back-up and restore hard disk MBR then transfer it to another hdd.  I'm on Windows 7 64 bit.  I think I have a boot sector virus.  Any suggestions on how to copy mbr to file then transfer to another hdd?

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How to copy mbr to file and transfer to another HDD?


Taking into account your problem there are two possible solution. Check it out if it might work

1st take out your problematic HDD and go to any of your friends house who has pc including DVD burner and then take a backup of all your data

Use your friend machine to partition/format and it will remove all virus. Take your HDD at your home install a new windows and clean install of all new application that you need

2nd solution is-

take a image of HDD partition C then disconnect old HDD and connect new HDD, install a new windows in new HDD, then overwrite new drive Partition with image c partition. Again disconnect all HDD except new one and restart your machine into safe mood. After rebooting windows will automatically configure new drive as C drive and then connect the old drive.

Hope it works.

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