A known returned email tool so far

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Hi experts! I’m just wondering if somebody heard or known a return email tool? I have been searching but still futilely. Help to get with this please. Thanks in advance guys! I really appreciate.



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A known returned email tool so far


Hello David,

Windows Email Return Receipt Tools and Services

When the recipient of a message has opened it, this tool will let you know. There are tools and services for Windows users that will let you know whether your email has opened by the recipient or not.
Top 7 Certified Email, Email Tracking, Email Opening Notification Services
  1. Readnotify
  2. E-mail Secure
  3. Pointofmail
  4. Bigstring.com (Free Email service)
  5. Spypig
  6. Confimax
  7. Did they Read It.
To know details about those Email services please check the link.
You can choose one of them as your Email receipt tools. 
Hope this would help you.
Thank you.

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