How to utilize lisp function environment through internet

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What should I utilize in order to get full advantage of all the stuff a function references, if it is a random lisp function? How can this be recorded for transmission via the world wide web to another lisp process which would ‘unrecord’ and represent it? I would like to stream random parts of environment through the internet. This is considered very hi-tech.

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How to utilize lisp function environment through internet


Hello June Augustus,

I think the first step to implementing what you are suggesting in the question is to have the .NET Framework installed on your computer, so as to be able to establish connection to the internet using the lisp program and be able to stream random parts of the code as you like.

But I may suggest that if you need pieces of code for developing programs in lisp then it will be better if you searched for the code that suits your situation instead of streaming random codes since you may end up getting codes that will not be helpful to you. But with searching manually, you will be able to get yourself the code that is specific to the program that you are designing using lisp.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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