Keyshot 2.1 data import error

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Here we have faced a big issue. Last day we purchased a second KeyShot license (upgrade from the Hypershot Web to KeyShot). Although imports of step files works well for me and my friend has a problem importing the similar step models that I can import correctly.

You can see the error message in the attached image.

What is this?

Why I can import the data correctly on the other hand the import unsuccessful for my friend. We confirmed that we have accurately the similar import choices. The only dissimilarity is that I work as an administrator on my Computer on the other hand my friend is just a user.

However I attempted to login into his computer as an administrator nevertheless received the similar error importing the model.

Does somebody know how to resolve this?

Thanks I need help

Fatal error in Darakit importer (reading ‘C:/Dokumente und Einsteellungen/Jakob Nest/Desktop/NEM-B105.01 A stp”)

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Keyshot 2.1 data import error

Hello Jeremy Slaterable,
It might be the problems with some "Normparts" of KeyShot. You can try to import the files with CAD Exchanger.
It works well with it. Download CAD Exchanger form here.
You can import your STEP file with CAD Exchanger and as well as export your STEP file with it.
I think after that you can import the new STEP file with KeyShot. If you still face the problem then uninstall KeyShot.
Restart your computer and then again install KeyShot.

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