Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2010

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Hi guys,

Can anyone please provide me list of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2010, and I want to know is there any way to create my own keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word 2010.

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Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2010


Hi Cara, 

MS word is a very versatile word handling application from the technology software giant Microsoft, its 2003 version is a huge success, even though the MS Office 2007 didn't undergo wide inspirations the 2010 is a real giant packed with huge loads of new methods.

Formatting tools, shortcuts and easy to use with great user understandability and user friendly interface with less bugs and no crashes. I hope you are using a genuine version of MS Offices 2010. If not please purchase Ms Office 2010 from the official Microsoft website.

Keyboard shortcuts can make our work very easy. 

Here is a quick link of all the shortcuts of MS Office 2010:  

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Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2010



I have just placed the easiest keyboard shortcut of office word. You just need to practice all these. If you want to know more shortcuts, then just Google it and you will find a lot of shortcuts available there.
Hope this helps
Ctrl  + A   Select all
B             Bold
C             Copy
D             Font
E             Justify center
F             Find
G             Go to
H             Replace
I               Italic
J              Justify left
K             Hyperlink
L             Justify right
M             Tab key press
N             New document
O            Open
P             Print
Q             Repeat find
R             Right
S             Save/save as
T             Tab
U            Underline
V            Paste
W           Close
X            Cut
Y           Redo
Z           Undo

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