Keeps on showing activate windows with Schenker XMG C703

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I bought a new laptop after 3 days it showed I need to activate my Windows 8 with it. I thought that everything are ok and there’s nothing that I need to do. Please provide me instructions in updating this to 8.1? Please give me more detailed instructions instead of going through limited instructions? What could be causing this problem? Do I need to reformat my laptop right away and buy another Windows 8 installer? Can you provide me guidance with this?

Please help me thank you!

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Keeps on showing activate windows with Schenker XMG C703

How are you doing? Hope you are fine.
Windows 8 should have been activated by the retailer that you have purchased the laptop form; it should be activated with a product key that will be system specific. Probably you can go back to the retailer and ask for the original product key.
You can update to Windows 8.1 once the Windows 8 is activated, you can go to windows store from the Apps menu and you can chose to update to windows 8.1 it will be highlighted right there once you open windows store. Just click on update and the system takes care of the rest, so sit back and relax as this could take some time.
However, if you are unable to activate the current Windows 8 installed and you get no help from your retailer. It’s always better to purchase the windows 8 or 8.1 directly from Microsoft website and install it manually or you can just go about purchasing only the product key from Microsoft and activating your current windows and then update to 8.1 later.
The reason you are getting this is because your windows has not been activated. Please don’t reformat the laptop as you can risk of losing any data in it.

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