Keep track of resources available via Project 2010

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I am using Microsoft Project 2010 with my other team members. When a resource is over allocated, MS Project can be used to keep the project on track. How can we use MS Project to resolve resource conflicts? I have been revising the resource's availability and making changes so the resource is not needed for some tasks. But can you tell me better options how to use MS Project for this purpose?

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Keep track of resources available via Project 2010


You can resolve the resource conflict by following any of the following techniques: –

  • Change resource availability from full allocation (100%) to part allocation (75%, 50% or 25% etc)
  •  Modify assignments and remove the resource during the task conflict especially if the resource being overloaded. Under resource usage view, the resource name will appear in red if he/she is overloaded (e.g. more than 8 hours per day, assuming 8 hours working day)
  • You may also adjust the task duration and order in order to avoid any resource conflict.
  • Load additional resource to reduce burden from one resource or bring forward the delivery date.
  • Click the Inspect button against a task which will provided you details on dependencies so that you can take whatever steps that are needed to address them.
  • Under the tool menu make changes to working time and resource calendar. You can add leaves of the resources or can add standard public holidays. You may also define any weekend/holiday as working day.

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