Copy Error From MS Excel to MS Project 2010

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We have started having a problem when we try to copy the MS Excel 2010 cell data (ex UPSA11014) to our MS Project 2010 in a cell. What happens during the cell copy  form Excel to MS Project 2007 is that the we can only get (ex.UPSA1101) to appear. The Last digit is dropped.

This process used to always work for us and the only quick solution to resolve this is to copy the Excel data value to notepad and then notepad to MS Project 2007.

Has anyone encountered this issue before or know how I can resolve this?

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Copy Error From MS Excel to MS Project 2010

Hello Brandycarrie,
Going to share some solutions, I hope it works.
Insert a new column to the right of the id column and use this formula = Left (A1,8) assuming the first cell is A1
This will only give you the first 8 numbers, copy it down the column then you can cut and paste special Values into the original column (or leave it depending on how often it needs to be done).
If Not,
Please try the new update below:
Description of the Project 2007 hotfix package (Project-x-none.msp): February 28, 2012
Assume that you copy some data that contains an odd number of characters from a row in an Excel worksheet, and then you paste the data into a column in a task in a Project 2007 project. In this scenario, the last character in the data in the column is removed.
I hope it works.
And if it doesn't work, try ,
  • Uninstall Project
  • Reboot
  • Reinstall Project
  • Go to Windows Updates and Hide 2007 Microsoft office Suite Service Pack 3 (SP3)
  • Install all other Microsoft patches
Now I can copy the cell data.
Thank you.

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