JSON is undefined Error on IE8

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I keep getting a warning message on the bottom left corner of my Internet Explorer 8 and sometimes the error is on the page itself. When I click on the warning it says, “Errors on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly”. And another message that keeps reappearing is, “JSON is undefined” which look like there is a problem with my JavaScript. Does anyone have an idea about my problem? I need help. Thank you.

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JSON is undefined Error on IE8


There is nothing with JScript.Don't worry. After installing the DivX software you may fine this problem as some people find the same issue.

When you open the browser (IE8) it will show the error message as

Message: 'JSON' is undefined 

Line: 418
Char: 6
Code: 0
URI: about: blank

This message appears because of the DivX Internet Explorer add-ons. So Please find and disable these add-ons and your IE8 browser will start work properly.

This will definitely resolve your query.

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JSON is undefined Error on IE8


Hi there user,

Just turn-off the scripting-error and it’ll be fine. First, open you Internet Explorer and then open the Tools Menu. Options, then Ok. Find the Advance Tab to view the list. Scroll and find the Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer), press the Space bar several times until it turns on, likewise with Disable Script (Other). Scroll and find Disable Notification about every script error, press the Space bar until it turns-off. Exit Internet Explorer, and then re-launch.  

Problem solved!

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