Java is taking up a lot of space on my hard disk

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My hard disk space is becoming smaller with time. The Java application is taking a huge space on my hard drive in the computer. What is the important function of Java in my computer? What would happen if I am to delete it?


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Java is taking up a lot of space on my hard disk

Java is a software that's used by a lot of software for them to function properly. Without it in your system, or if it gets corrupted or if it malfunctions, the dependent applications won't be able to run, or it won't even install and you won't be able to make use of the said software unless you install Java.
So i suggest you keep it in your system. If you even decide to remove it, just remove it and install it back to have a fresh uncluttered installation in your system. You can get the latest Java version here:
Try and check your other programs as well and remove temporary files from your system These do add up after some time and would consume a considerable amount of space.

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