The Computer problem black screen?

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When my computer starts a black screen appears with this message:


The previous performance of Overclocking is failed, and the system is restored to the default setting

Press any key except "Del" to enter SETUP."
But when I press the key, it acts like hanged.
Please help


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The Computer problem black screen?



Either your clock is overpowered that BIOS doesn’t allow or there was a power surge that harmed your computer.
• Turn off the computer
• Turn off the power supply.
• Unplug the power cord
• Remove CMOS battery
• Wait for about 15 minutes
• Insert back CMOS battery (it is the shiny small disk shaped battery located at the bottom right corner of your motherboard)
• Attach everything back again
• You should be Okay.
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The Computer problem black screen?


Hey Rasel.

Upon receiving this message, are you entering setup? Or are you just rebooting? If you haven't entered setup, you need to do that. If you changed settings recently, you need to change them back. If you didn't mess with the settings, and have no idea what to do to fix this problem while in the BIOS, you can hit the appropriate key to load setup defaults. This is usually "F9" on most computers. to see which key actually loads the defaults, hit F1, which will bring up a help menu telling you which keys do what.

After loading default settings with the appropriate key, hit F10 to save and exit the BIOS, which will restart your computer. If it does not work then try resetting the CMOS and everything should be fine. Chances are there was an issue with the information stored in the CMOS that cause the error. This is how you can do it; Open your CPU there you will find CMOS battery remove it and reinsert and there will be a BIOS pin remove it and reconnect. Now Switch On the System.

If you still have problems after CMOS reset then there may be an issue with the motherboard.



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The Computer problem black screen?



Overclocking is a term for  running computer components(eg. processor) at a specification higher than rated by the manufacturer. This is done to boost the computer's performance 25% or more.
But, overclocked components are pushed to their limits. So they tend to have reduced functional lifespan, malfunction, or be 
completely destroyed.
So if you have overclocking error, you can consider resolving it first on your own with these steps:
1. At the bottom right of your black screen, press the key that says 'press key to enter bios/setup'….
next screen will vary based on your BIOS chip… 
2. Press key to 'load default settings' or 'load fail-safe settings…
3. Save settings to apply changes made, then exit. 
4.Restart the computer……
and the error won't show up.
Doing these steps usually makes a difference.
If you've done these but you still have the error, you need to contact a computer technician because there are other steps that require opening the computer, and taking the motherboard out, etc.
Good luck!


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The Computer problem black screen?


Hi this kind of issue due to the defect of computer hardware, to solve this issue replace your CMOS battery and try to used multi-tester then check the Voltage of cmos battery, the voltage must be in 3 volts.

If the voltage is only 2 volts you need to change that to new Cmos battery.

If this option will not work, you need to consult that to the Computer Technician to fix the problem of your computer hardware.

Thank you;



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