Jad and Jar attribute do not match

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Hi there!

I just want to ask you guys for a little help.

I have a Nokia phone, and I wanted to install AMS, but I keep on getting this error message saying, "jad and jar attributes do not match". I am using Opera mini web browser. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

As for me, I really can’t think of any ways to fix this. I don’t want to do things on my own for, it might ruin or damage my unit once again like what I have done before.

So I’m hoping someone would help me with this one. I really want AMS on my phone.

Thank you.

Ams midp2.2

Jad and jar

attributes do not match

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Jad and Jar attribute do not match


Nokia Phone AMS Installation Error: JAD and JAD Attribute do not match

What is JAD file

JAD or the Java Application Descriptor is an application for Mobile Phones in Java Platform Micro Edition or the Java ME. Java ME is a platform for mobile phones and devices or the so called Embedded Systems. It was develop by Sun Microsystems.

What is JAR file

JAR file is simply defined as Java Archive. These files are generally use by Java software developers to archive or combine files for installation or for distribution of Java Applications and Libraries. JAR files can be made through Zipping tools such as WINZIP or the JAR command.

What is Attribute

Attribute is the characteristics or properties of an object. It is commonly used in object programming to describe the property of an object. For example a text box has the property or an attribute of text, font, color, style, border and many more. It is the same with the attribute of the person for example a person who is the president, male, single and the like. This was used to identify characteristics, properties classification of an object.

Installing AMS associated with this error sometimes occurred in Nokia Phones. The error happens because of the attributes of download JAD file that is not match with the attribute on the installation file or the JAR file. This error seems like the installation version or the libraries on the installation file do not match with the application file. For instance the application file is in version 5 while the libraries on the distributed files are for version 5. And that’s what the system called does not match with the attribute.

As it was discussed, it sounds like we need to download both the Application file or the JAD and the distribution file or the JAR. Re-downloading of these files doesn’t fix the issue. The issue is in the cache saved in your mobile phone or in your Nokia Phone.

Before we dive-in into fixing the error, you must identify the attribute of your Phone or device first. Does your phone support the AMS application?

Here are some lists of Nokia Phones that supports AMS: Nokia E Series, Nokia N Series, Nokia 40 Series Third Edition.

To insure that your phone is supported by EMS, you may submit a ticket and the details of your phone or device in this link address

You must also ensure that you have the access to AMS database before installation of AMS to your phone. You may contact your provider for the access to AMS database. You may seek also for a help on AMS web support.

How to install AMS client

  1.     Open your Web browser and go to this link
  2.     And on the page select the version you want to install and click install.
  3.     Just keep on going on the security warning. Select phone memory for the installation location if prompted.
  4.     The application begins to download and w8 until installation is finished.

Fixing JAD and JAR Attribute do not match

Error can be solved just by clearing your cache. To do this:

  1.     Open your web browser and browser for the AMS download site.
  2.     Select Options to Clear Cache.
  3.     Then Reload the installation site.
  4.     Then install.
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Jad and Jar attribute do not match


The following are the possible causes of that problem and the workarounds to those issues:

  • The issue may be occurring due to the differences between the attribute values that you have set for .jad and the manifest file that is inside the .jar file, and therefore you should check the attributes from jad and the manifest file to check if there may be any difference between attribute values.
  • You will also need to check the attributes of the .jad file "Midlet jar url", and see if they are like the "appname.jar" . In case that is the case, you may need to change that and make the right URL like:"http://…appname.jar"
  • Another possible cause will be either your JAD and MANIFEST do not match or may be you are installing on a Series 60 while you some other JAD or JAR in the Inbox. In that case you will need to empty everything out of the inbox, and try again.

Clair Charles


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