Slow Browser is little bit a problem for me

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Opera browser are good to use. Few months ago I used to Mozilla Firefox. Now a days I am using Opera. It's a nice and comfortable and so fast browser.

I've downloaded the latest version 12.00. It is also running fine but sometime it make me disturbed. It become very slow. I do not know about it why it's happen? 

Paul anderson

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Slow Browser is little bit a problem for me


Hi Mickhel,

From your post I can see that you have tried a number of browsers. For your case you find opera being faster but personally I prefer Firefox to be more faster than the others.

So I would just advice you to find that which worked well for you and install it, and if you could avoid some of these updates that are frequently arising since in my opinion not all new updates offer the best functionality.

Sometimes updates come with a little bit more demands with respect to system specification and so they may cause slowness or even malfunctioning (sometimes and not all the times).

Like for me, I have never found internet explorer fun to use because I find it to be too slow, but there are people who say it works well for them.

All I am saying is that you identify the browser that works well for you and use it.

Hope this helps.


lee hung

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Slow Browser is little bit a problem for me


Dear Mickhel,

Mozilla Firefox is best browser for PCs or for Laptops. Opera is good browser also. If you are getting very slow speed, then check your internet connection once. Opera will not affect internet speed.

Its 100% issue of Internet connection. Check one thing install 2 browser at a time for testing purpose. When u gets too slow speed on opera, try to work on other browser. Then you will able to know the actual issue.

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