ITunes cannot run in my laptop

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Hello Everyone,

I recently have a new laptop Asus G73JH-A1 that been completely setup by technician in the computer shop.

Yesterday I did check all applications it works fine smoothly but now when I’m trying to run the iTunes it receives an error that there’s a problem with the audio configuration.

I’m new with these laptop please guide me if I can handle this problem because the computer shop is far from our home.

Thanks Everyone!




iTunes cannot run because it has detected a problem with your audio configuration.



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ITunes cannot run in my laptop


iTunes cannot run because it has detected a problem with your audio configuration

Dear you can face this issue if you have some problem in QuickTime. Because iTunes uses QuickTime for playback the audio and video. So you should simply follow these steps. First uninstall your QuickTime. For it you should go to Add/Remove programs. Then manually remove any leftover program files and folders.

Go to My computer then open local disk. After this open program files and then click on QuickTime Folder and delete from shortcut menu. Then navigate to C:/Windows/System32/. And remove the files QuitckTime.qts and QuicktimeVR.qtx. Then please restart your computer.

Next you'll find a fresh copy of QuickTime into your PC by doing a repair install of iTunes. Please switch off antivirus applications. Then go into Add/Remove and select iTunes. Click change and then please click repair. If the repair install goes through okay, then you should restart your pc and try launching iTunes again.

It will launch properly.

Thanks a lot.

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ITunes cannot run in my laptop


The audio configuration problems that iTunes is reporting on your new computer could be caused by a problem with your QuickTime, which is used by iTunes for audio and video playback, and therefore you will need to fix the problems in QuickTime.

Do the following:

  • Go to the control panel and under Add/Remove programs, locate QuickTime and uninstall it.
  • Done that, you will need to remove any leftover programs manually.
  • Therefore, on your computer, go to the primary hard drive (C:), and locate the iTunes folder from the program files.
  • Delete that folder.
  • Thereafter go to C:Windowssystem32, and remove files named QuickTime.qts and QuicktimeVR.qtx, and then restart the computer.
  • Get a new copy of iTunes and install it on your computer.

Once the installation is over, launch the iTunes and see it works properly now.

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ITunes cannot run in my laptop


If there's been no changes done on the system, it shouldn't be giving you that error unless it was a change done by a software update or anything done automatically by the system.

Try doing system restore first then see if that works. Go back to the day when the system was setup by the technician. It should get it to work then since it was working during that time.

Otherwise if it's the same problem, try to reinstall iTunes using the latest version available at Apple. Make sure you remove it completely first then do a restart then run the setup file to install the newest version.

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ITunes cannot run in my laptop


Hi Dextter,

Aforementioned all techniques are good but beside these have many techniques you can apply to solve this issue.

For that techniques check out this " ITunes cannot run and detected problem"Techyv's post. 


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