Core Dump Error in Linux: core.bash.29846

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I'm using Linux and I am getting a core dump error "core.bash.29846". So I couldn't open the core dump file. How can I open the core dump file? Do I need a debugger or something? Please help me. Thanks!

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Core Dump Error in Linux: core.bash.29846


In case you have a core file and you have compiled that program with the debugging options, then you should be able to see where the core files have been dumped. See some sample code below:

$ gcc -g -o something something.c
$ ./something
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
$ gdb something core

You can make use of the code to debug some problems that may be resulting to the problems. Some of the gdb commands that will be useful are the br that will print a  stack and the fr that is will jump to a  given stack.  In case you may need to see the  files that will be opened at a segmentation fault, then you will need to just handle the SIGSEGV signal, and then in the handler, you will need to dump the contents of the /proc/PID/fd directory.

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Core Dump Error in Linux: core.bash.29846


Core dump is the idiom or term used in Linux. A core dump is composed of the recorded state of the working memory of a computer at a certain point usually when a program or an application crashed or exited irregularly. When you are using Linux and you received a core dump error that means the program you are currently using has crashed.

It is normal for the computer to run a memory dump after a program crashed. In Microsoft Windows, it is known as memory dump. In Microsoft Windows when a program crashes, you don’t immediately see the error on the screen like what you see in Linux. In Microsoft Windows when a program crashes the computer restarts by default.

You don’t have a chance to save your work because the system will suddenly restart. In your case, if you are just using a program and you are not working on an important project, you don’t need to debug the dump file. Just restart your computer and it should be back to normal.

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