ITunes cannot recognize all ‘FLAC’ format

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I received a disk from a friend that contains a full of music that he recorded at a local cafe, and I really want to put it into my iPod, but iTunes can not recognize all 'FLAC' format.

What is FLAC ? and how to be played on my iPod ?



Do you want to import all 2 items into


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ITunes cannot recognize all ‘FLAC’ format


FLAC or Free Lossless Audio Codec is an audio format similar to mp3, ogg or any of the other compressed formats. The main difference between FLAC and mp3 is that FLAC is lossless. That is, although the audio file is compressed to save space, there is no loss of audio data, hence, no loss of quality. An audio file in FLAC format will therefore sound exactly like the audio CD where it was ripped from.

iPod does not support FLAC. To play it in your iPod, you will have to convert FLAC to any of the other formats supported by iPod. If you are running Mac OS then the converter of choice is XLD (Download Link1) or MAX. For Windows, you could try Freemake Audio Converter (Download Link2).

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