ISA Server 2006 Run time error 11004

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Hi Everyone,

I have a question related to ISA Server 2006. Hope there are professionals who can solve the problem which I am facing.

The server is new and already configured but my clients can not send and save files for upload. When trying to save file for upload an error occurs. 

Error: Run time error 11004. No data record for requested type. 

I would be very glad if anyone can help me to get rid of this error. 


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ISA Server 2006 Run time error 11004


Basically runtime error 11004 is a ordinary computer error which occurs in running a program. It is closely tied with Invalid Windows Registry, Malware attacks, Conflicting with Terminate and Stay Resident Program or other current running program, software conflicting and memory issue.

Actually this error cannot be solved manually but it needs a repairing tool in order to solve this particular error. In order to fix the runtime error first of all click on the link, that is,Free Download repair tool after that save file, run the repairing tool and install it. After installation scan and repair the found errors.

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ISA Server 2006 Run time error 11004



Error number 11004 is also known as 'Name Resolution Error'. This error occurred in result of failed name resolution to the published server. To resolve this error you need to check the name on the To tab to see whether the published rule is resolvable.

Please try the alternate port number if you are trying to make connection between SSL sites. Extension of tunnel port will solve the problem.


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