IPad produces long chirping noise

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Recently I noticed that my iPad seems to be having a fairly loud chirping noise, which sounds like a bird or a cricket. The noise sounds in two discreet bursts then again creates a fairly loud sound. Because of the loudness, you can easily hear it in a fair sized room. It is unlikely high chirping noise that I have read and heard about iPhone as the noise sounds quite a bit longer and of a higher pitched. Can someone tell me what should I do with it? Thank you.

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IPad produces long chirping noise


This loud chirping noise on iPad, iPhone or any smartphone is caused by audio player device or chip inside. When making phone calls at any given cell towers or states, this chirping noise is triggering.

One of the suggested solutions when this issue occurs is to do a reset of the unit. This refresh the unit from the beginning and mostly, reset all devices including the audio set. But it you do a reset, it'll erase everything so be ready of the back-up if needed.

When this loud chirping noise can't be put in silent mode, the audio chips needs to be replace inside. If this is still under warranty, why not bring this to any iPad service center for replacement? Less technical aspect needed to fix but you need to bring yourself to these place for replacement.

If you want to explore more, want to know what is really the cause then you can remove all app installed.

Go to Home then tap it twice
Tap and hold the app icon
When it start to jiggle then tap the minus sign
Tap it up until the bar is empty
Then close the bar

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