Entering a Date in Forms, iPad 2 says Input Format Incorrect

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While filling forms and entering data into them, when it comes to entering dates in the fields, through my iPad it says Input Format Incorrect Error. I have to go to cybercafe to do this Data Entry Job, now I can't work from home by using my iPad. What to do now? Please Help.

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Entering a Date in Forms, iPad 2 says Input Format Incorrect


Since you are using the Apple iPad 2, I guess the problem would have to be the browser you are using in inputting the information in forms. The Apple iPad 2 supports only HTML via the Safari web browser. That’s why, if the website where you are entering the details in the web forms supports HTML5, you might have a problem with the browser functionality.

Many tags used in HTML are now obsolete and not being applied on HTML5 web documents. If the HTML document you are viewing on your Safari browser is an HTML5 document and Safari only supports HTML, the browser might interpret the instructions on the document incorrectly and that’s probably why you are getting an “input format incorrect” error when entering dates in web forms.

Since the Safari browser installed on your iPad 2 only supports HTML, you can update the Safari browser by doing a general update for the iPad operating system. The latest operating system upgrade will also include the latest Safari update. To do the update, connect your iPad 2 to your computer using the USB cable and then start iTunes.

If you are not using the latest version, download iTunes 12.0.1. Click on the iPad icon found on the left column of iTunes and then select Summary tab. Click Check For Updates to search for the latest iPad iOS software and will then ask you if you want to install. Click Update to begin installing the latest iPad iOS software.

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