Internet Explorer Video Plugin error:

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I install video plugin in my browser, but plugin error appears again and again.

I also install flash player in my system also download flash plugin, but I can’t remove this error.

All error detail is given below.


            Video plugin error:

            Your browser cannot display this video file.

            You need to download new version of video plugin

            to view this video file.

Click Continue to download and install video plugin.

            Continue           Cancel              Details

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Internet Explorer Video Plugin error:


Hi angel

Okay it seems that the plug-in you have installed is not working yet that's why it prompts to be re-installed. So like any other program once it has been installed you need to restart the computer. Have you done that? If not please do. 

An if problem persist then even after restart. We will have to restart your network so that it will run so try this.

Go to the start menu then click run. Type Cmd. then enter

type iisreset/noforce "computername"

Just wait until restart is done.

Hope this helps

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Internet Explorer Video Plugin error:



Some Video Plug-ins error occur when the web browser is not compatible with the website's page. Websites requires images and video content to be shown in the homepage and this requires video plug-ins. It includes, flash player, quick times and other add-ons. This is caused by format conflicts and unknown issue.

I have listed below the steps to follow when fixing this issue, it's not that difficult to perform and follow the instructions but this requires attention to details.

Here they are;

* Close and re-open your web browser
* Update your plug-in up to the latest version to ensure video works, display images and compatible with website's content
* Remove the old version of plug-ins by going to Tools, Internet Options, Programs and Manage Add-ons

* Reinstall the latest version of video plug-in
* All plug-in ActiveX should be activated and enabled

* Browser should be up-to-date, if not check for updates and install the latest version
* Restart your computer, then start the video again 

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