Internet Explorer encountering troubles when opening

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I have been encountering problems upon opening the Internet Explorer 8.

The issue concerns whenever I open the Internet Explorer 8, it only appears that it has an error and should be closed.

It may not a problem at all for there is many other browse to use, but I have a work that only runs for a web tool on Internet Explorer.

Please help.

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Internet Explorer encountering troubles when opening



Since you still got the old version of Internet Explorer, you have to update it to the latest one.

You can download it by yourself manually from the website and install it.

Hence, this will help you for the matter of downloading it:

You have the Internet explorer 8 already so you'll be using the automatic updates and also try to update the OS.

Here are list of links where you can download it for Windows XP and Vista.

Internet Explorer For Windows 7

And also Java software will help you. Just install it to your computer at its website, .

You will just follow instructions upon downloading.

I hope this could help you.

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Internet Explorer encountering troubles when opening


Greeting s Arbie Cornish,

Try these solutions to solve your problems

Most of the time, the problem is with your antivirus or antispyware. In fact, incorrect settings in your antivirus and antispyware create problems not only with Internet Explorer but any browser or application requiring data transmission over a network. To check if they are the cause, turn them off. Close all open windows of Internet Explorer 8, and open a fresh one. Use this Internet Explorer window to browse ONLY secure sites. If it works fine, the problem is with your antivirus or antispyware software. You can isolate the problem by turning them off one at a time and seeing which one is causing the problem. You may then fix it by updating or reinstalling the antivirus or antispyware program or even by replacing the one creating problem.

Add-ons or plug-ins are either added manually or are added with the installation of any application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some are default. A corrupt add-in may also cause an Internet Explorer freeze. To check this, right click on the icon of Internet Explorer, and select the option Run without Add-ons. If Internet Explorer begins working properly, one or more of the add-ons are corrupt, and you should follow the method mentioned in the next paragraph to fix the issue. If it is not working properly even with add-ons disabled, you may proceed to step 3.

To locate the plug-in creating problem, start Internet Explorer normally again and disable all plug-ins (see the NOTE and Image in the first section). Enable each plug – in – one by one – after browsing for some time with each plug-in. You can isolate the plug – in causing the problem as Internet Explorer 8 hangs as soon as you enable the corrupt plug-in. Click on the or Remove button after selecting the plug – in in the  window to fix the problem.

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