I need help with Dreamweaver

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Hi guys, I am a new to Adobe Dreamweaver ,I want to add photo slideshow to a web page using Dreamweaver , can anyone guide me on how to do this?

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I need help with Dreamweaver


Dreamweaver is basically a software of Web developing. Formally it was known as Macromedia.

No doubt Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the leading software in web developing programs, due to its features send friendly usage.

It is very easy to create slideshow in Adobe Dreamweaver. Just follow these steps to create a slide show in Adobe Dreamweaver.

1. Open Dreamweaver.

2. Now create a new page of HTML.

3. After creating the page you have to insert your first photo in it.

4.  You can see a timeline there; add your photo to it.

5. Now select timeline and right click on the fifth frame to add Keyframe.

6. Now insert your second picture in the fifth frame.

7. Click on "explore file" button from the property panel.

8. Now select Autoplay.

9. Now just save your Dreamweaver and watch the slideshow



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I need help with Dreamweaver


Hello Candice!

Dreamviewer is a web development software .It does not have any predefined feature to insert slideshare gallery. Hey but do not worry you can insert photo gallery using different Predefined slideshow. Download Highslide Js media viewer and edit setting and photo source . here is the link to download and demo slideshow http://www.highslide.com/

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I need help with Dreamweaver


Here’s an example how you can create a slideshow with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. This application includes a utility that allows you to create a slideshow of images on your web pages. To be able to create a slideshow, you need to build layers of images and then place the slideshow on the page where you want to show it.

Adobe Dreamweaver will automatically create the slideshow for you in HTML. If you’re a new webmaster, you don’t need to create the HTML document. To create a slideshow using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, start Dreamweaver. Open your web project then open the page where you want to show the slideshow. Next, click Insert and then select Layer. For the type of layer, select Image.

After this, click Browse then select the image you want to use for the first layer. Continue on selecting images for every layer. When you are finished creating the layers, click Window from the main menu and select Timeline. This creates a timeline that runs while the slideshow is displaying the images.

Select the length of the timeline how long it will be displayed and specify the duration of every image. When the timeline pauses after the specified number of seconds has elapsed, the image displays. Right-click one of the frames in the timeline and select Add Keyframe. Select the layer you want to use for the first frame of the timeline.

Continue adding layers to the frames in the timeline until all frames have been set up. Lastly, click OK to save the settings. And that’s it.

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