Internet browsers freezing the pc – compatibility error

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For my job purpose I have to use multiple browsers at the same time. I have been using it for quite a while now. Recently there has been a problem. Using more browsers at the same time slowing down the PC as well as making it freeze in most cases. Someone help me out of it.

Howel Dinh


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Internet browsers freezing the pc – compatibility error




You have suggested the following:

1. While browsing – close if there is any less important browser.

2. Avoid unnecessary program running with your computer.

3. Wait for a moment while opening a program. Do not click frequently when they are not with your speed.

4. Do not restart your computer now and then.

5. To make your PC healthy and faster you can go through the link: .

I hope you understand it.



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Internet browsers freezing the pc – compatibility error


Hello Howel,

Using many browsers takes  up a lot of system memory and therefore you will need to do it and in an organized manner to get better performance.

  • One thing that you will need to avoid is opening many tabs especially now that you are running many browsers. Make sure that you minimize on the browser tabs you open as much as possible.
  • If possible use only a single browser.
  • Clear the browser cache and history of time.
  • If you have other programs running to add on the browsers, you might need to close them for the time being.



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Internet browsers freezing the pc – compatibility error


Of course, when you use a web browser, it will consume a big part of the memory. In my computer, I always use Opera and when it starts without even opening a single website, it already consumes around 300 MB of my RAM. The amount grows as you open different websites and tabs.

Now, if you open more than one web browser, it will definitely eat most of your RAM so don’t expect a fast performance when you do so. If you don’t want a sluggish machine when working on your computer, avoid using multiple browsers. Modern web browsers nowadays support tabbed browsing.

This is a feature in modern web browsers that allows you to open websites or pages in different tabs rather than open them in different browsers which costs more memory. Tabbed browsing saves memory. If you need to open many different websites at the same time, open them in different tabs.

If you really want to improve the performance of your machine, you can upgrade the memory by adding more RAM.

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