Interface between Oracle and SQL Server databases

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Hello Friend,

I want to transfer some data from an Oracle 10G database to a MS SQL server database.
In my project, First of all, I need to move data from Oracle tables to SQL Server tables only.
After that in the second step needed is read data from the SQL server database, update the Oracle database by using some of this data, and finally write some of the Oracle information to the SQL server database.
Could you please help me to do this project?
Which type of information I need to read out?
Can I perform this task with the help of any tool?
Thank you.
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Interface between Oracle and SQL Server databases


Method 1:

Below mentioned first two web sites help you to know about data migration to SQL Server. The second website link provides you a complete and detailed migration guide. Just write a simple query to SQL Server along with Oracle, and this is very fast. You have to utilize the OpenRowset, at the same time the OpenQuery functions with existing correct permissions to do so.

To move data between SQL Server and Oracle SSIS (SQL server integration services) is also useful. It can be automated and so that complicated full edition SQL Server does not require. Go through an SQL Server BOL (books online) search for all the above. Furthermore, need to get an Oracle book from this search. However, the docs are not very easy to understand.

I think this can help you to solve your problem.

Method 2:

One of the best DATA Servers is SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service). If you are not well accustomed to this SSIS server, then no need to bother. Just explore the SQL Server Export Wizard. In this Wizard, you can definitely find a suitable SSIS package for you. You will get your database from SQL Server Management Studio. You will find a task button in SQL Server Management Studio and select Export Data from here. Until you get to choose a Destination option, go through the "Next" button.

After that, you need to select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle. You will get a "Properties" option. In this option, you will find your identified database connection. You can see "Save" and "Execute" option here. In this stage, you need to confirm "Save SSIS Package" option is marked or not. Now you can see a saving option, i.e. Where your database will save. When you finish that, Export Wizard data will be exported. You are now able to get a very useful data server with helpful interfaces.

Henceforth, you can schedule your job with the help of SQL Server Agent Job.

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