Cluster Manager Error In Oracle Database

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Hi everyone,

I am having a little problem here with my oracle database configuration. I have two clusters running. Will mention their name if someone replies to me. Problem is that when I connect to one of the clusters or even both of the nodes with it, all goes well status is displayed of the cluster etc. But if I click on the node which I am not pointing, the browser waits for a few moments and then gives the error just like in the image Unable to Detect Active Node List.

And at the same time one more error appears as Error Was Encountered in Connecting to the Oracle Database System. As a solution I tried to change password to one of the cluster as same as the ROOT password but it wont work. So can you tell me how it could be sorted out?


Oracle Database Configuration Assistant Alert

Cluster manager API: Unable to detect active node list.

Please verify the state of the Cluster Manager.

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Cluster Manager Error In Oracle Database


Here is the best way to deal with the problem. The problems or errors that usually occur in an Oracle database are tracked in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository or ADR which is a file-based storage area for keeping diagnostic data.

The storage area or repository is located outside of the actual database but is always available even when the database is down and inaccessible.

A problem is a serious error in the database and significant or critical error like this appears as internal errors like the ORA-00600, and other severe errors like ORA-04031 [out of memory in the shared pool portion], and or ORA-07445 [operating system exception].

Each error that occurs has a problem key which is in the form of a series of texts that explains the problem.

It contains the error code [like ORA 600], and sometimes several error parameter values and other details.

To help you clear on this, you may visit ORACLE 11 Investigating, Reporting, and Resolving Problems.

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