Oracle has begun to show error messages

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I use oracle to maintain my database. Due to a UPS failure it has begun to show several error messages. It starts with ORA-01157 & ORA-01110 errors and shutdown with error ORA-01081.

I’ve shifted my oracle services to another server with the same name and Sid, such as previously it was in C drive but at present it is in E drive.

But still it shows the same error message.

How can I solve it? 

Please help immediately.

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Oracle has begun to show error messages


Insert the Oracle install disk and then click to repair your previous installation. this will not remove any of your data in database. As such you shall see a oracle error. 

Try opening SVRMGRL.exe from the ORACLE bin directory.

Type at the prompt

Connect internal/oracle;


If this starts up the ORACLE with ease, then it is OK. Now you can use SQL as it always does. If it does not, then you have to find the redo log files from the oracle database directory and the data files. Delete all the files that are waiting to be written. Then restart and try copying again.

If all fails, then copy the control files, the data files and redo log files of the database you are using. Then re-install the software and then paste them into the directories where they previously exists, you will get the data un erased.


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