The instruction at “0x568b59f9” referenced memory at “0x03ab2140”

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Hello techyv friends,

Posting herewith an error message that appeared on my screen while using Quickbooks, this error message appeared while I am on the middle of my work.

.NET-BroadcastEventWindow. – Application Error

The instruction at “0x568b59f9” referenced memory at “0x03ab2140”. The memory could not be  “read” 

Click on OK to terminate the program.

I cannot understand all the text of the error message, its to technical for me to digest, it seems it's talking about memory addresses, I managed to re install Quickbooks, after which when I tried to get back to work again, the same error message appeared in the middle of my work, it is so frustrating, please help me solve this issue, if possible on step by step manner, thanks a lot friends.

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The instruction at “0x568b59f9” referenced memory at “0x03ab2140”


good day you know I encounter this kind of problem and there are so many reason why this kind of error occur during when we are in works,

  1. The memory card is defective.
  2. Attacking of some viruses.
  3. Not in proper of uninstalling of program.

How to resolve this kind of issue?

  1. In your desktop icon right click My Computer then Properties
  2. Click Advanced find Starup Recovery
  3. Click settings then go to write Debugging information
  4. Click on it and Select the memory setting. After that restart your computer.
  • If these steps will not work there are some viruses blocking in the computer system.
  • In this issue you need to repair your system windows.

Thank you. Hope you can do it.




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The instruction at “0x568b59f9” referenced memory at “0x03ab2140”


Your operating system sets a maximum buffer string length that is permitted however your application; when data is larger than the allowed buffer permitted, the service will stop unexpectedly and generates this kind of error. Meaning, the application is too much for your current operating system and memory size allocation settings to handle.

You can resolve this by obtaining the latest service packs. If you are using Windows XP service pack 1, then you need to install service pack 2 or higher. To find out what service pack you are using, Right click the My Computer icon and select Properties. You need to update your service pack in order to have a stable working application. This way, a new settings will take effect with larger memory allocation allowed because service packs differ with compatibility issues.

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