Installing Windows XP Error 557FF5CH: Setup Cannot Continue

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Hi all,

I always download a lot of files. I collected a lot of virus, that is why I decided to reformat my computer.

When on the process of reformatting, particularly on the part that the installer is analyzing my computer stage, an error message appeared, I posted below.

Fatal Error

Setup cannot continue.  Contact Microsoft Technical Support. [Error: 557FF5Ch]

What I did, I don't have an idea on where the error originated, since the error message did not point on what is the cause of the error, I repeated the process all over again.

I even cleaned the CD installer and the DVD drive, in hope it might just a dust that let the installer bumps, but same error was displayed. I am on my 3rd try.

Please share some ideas on my problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Installing Windows XP Error 557FF5CH: Setup Cannot Continue


Hi Mark,

Sometimes there will be an issue with your computer hard drive or the RAM. If there are bad sectors or unreadable locations you have to face errors like this. But actually it is difficult to point out why the error comes out. SO you have to try several times. You said that you have cleaned the DVD drive.

Before the next installation remove your RAM and erase its pins using a eraser. Because sometimes there will be problems with accessing specific memory locations. Please keep another two Microsoft XP installation CDs width you. Sometimes there will be a problem with reading the CD.

So try with different Boot CD or if your machine supports boots from USB try to install using a flash drive.

Hope this is helpful.

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