Efficient ways to take data Backup

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I have a nice computer that works pretty well form the day it worked .and I had no problem with it since the day of purchase. I use the computer for browsing and to maintain data’s, Watch moved and play games .Sometimes I use it to learn some new software’s also .But recently I have noticed my friend facing a problem with his computer which crashed his entire system with all the data in it. However after a long war he recovered it.

I cautioned myself and I am looking for some on to suggest me the perfect way that recommended by experts to backup software’s and data.

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Efficient ways to take data Backup


You have taken a right decision which is to say a clever decision after seeing your friend. Where every user needs to schedule his own backup plan to protect all the valuable data that they have.

There are two popular ways of Backing up the Data .They are

Loading your backup files to Alternate Medium which is nothing but the CD DVD or any external storage device that’s been used by you. But mostly I recommend the CDDVDBlue Ray since the Plug and Play Hard Disk .We use it every day for transferring or for some applications that we need so that one we may reject to use as a backup device.

The Second Methods is Using online backup storage option that provided by Dell and even maximum computer manufacturers provide that options to their customers as a paid service where they may allocate the required amount of space on their server with a highly secured system which makes sure that all your valuable data be safe.

Even if you have a high capacity thumb drive which that you are sure it will not be using it for any other purpose you can store all the most important files in that and encrypt the files .The same case for External HDD where I said before that I would never advice storing backup in a Regular External drive that we use for multiple purpose. If you plan to use for back up alone it is sound good.

There is another way of backing up, the file .can use Some software’s that can be configured to do scheduled backups and make sure all the data are protected and safe. To mean about the system crash issue that happened to your friend a you have mentioned .You may better protect your computer from these stuffs by Scheduling regular scan on your computer with a reliable anti virus software or some pc clean up utilities.

Hope my time tying all this info will be useful to you.

Bye. And enjoy computing.

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Efficient ways to take data Backup

  • There are a lot of options to backup the data on your computer. One of the best options available is to keep the data files ( mostly word and excel) on a drive letter which is separate from the one on which the operating system is loaded ( considering you have a single OS on your laptop/desktop).
  • So whenever a system crashes you can always load your operating system without having to worry about losing your data.
  • If you also wish to keep the same system settings you had earlier it is recommended to use the microsoft backup option and backup the entire drive which contains your OS as well as data and you can use the restore feature in windows when you do a clean install. However to protect your data files you need to backup periodically in this case.
  • Therefore the best option is to keep the data files on a separate drive letter different from the OS.


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