Read About What Causes Runtime Errors In Brief.

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I have a question regarding what causes runtime errors. I was not able to find anything about it anywhere; can anyone help me in explaining this?

Thank you.

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Read About What Causes Runtime Errors In Brief.


There are more than one reasons why you observe a runtime error, below are just a few examples of the same.

  • Poor Programming –An error during runtime can be the result of poor programming practices.
  • Other software – If another program is running on your system that has been poorly written, then it can affect other programs.
  • Damaged hardware – To a large degree,the software products depends on the peripherals attached to your PC.
  • Malicious Virus – The viruses run in the back ground and can cause a lot of damage.
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Read About What Causes Runtime Errors In Brief.


There are many different causes for runtime errors and I’ve seen this error a lot especially when I’m coding some programs with BASIC. One possible cause of runtime error is compatibility when installing applications. Before installing any application on your computer, make sure your computer meets the requirements.

If a program requires some prerequisite components like Microsoft .NET Framework, Java SE Runtime Environment, and others, you need to install these components first prior to installing the actual program. If you triggered the error when running a program that you know is compatible with your computer like the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, try closing the dialog and start the program again.

The error can be just a glitch. If this doesn’t work, try updating the program. If you triggered the error with Microsoft Internet Explorer, install the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer supported by your operating system. The latest version is Microsoft Edge and it is supported only in Windows 10.

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